Skyrunning success

“Surrendered to the spectacular landscapes”

Skyrunning featured in the Diario

The main picture on the front page of the Diario this morning is of Spaniard Antonio Pérez, who was the big winner of the top race of the Ultra Skyrunning Madeira. He described himself as having surrendered to the “spectacular landscapes” of the island, and the ‘all-terrain machine’ promised to return.

As already reported here the 9th edition of the Ultra Skyrunning Madeira (USM) started with the Santana Vertical Kilometre, and the competition continued on routes and trails in the municipality of Santana the completion of four more races.

Good to see some national coverage of the event, with various sources reporting on the Skyrunner World Series, an International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) event. The last day of USM 2023 kicked off with the start of the Madeira Sky Race. The race with the longest distance counted for the ranking of the world circuit of the skyrunning modality and, along the 45 kilometres with 3600m of positive slope (uphill, to you and me), had passages by Achada do Teixeira and by Pico Ruivo, at 1861 altitude.

The fastest to cover the course was Antonio Perez, who crossed the finish line in Santana 5h05m00s after the start. About six minutes later (5h11m13s) Zaid Ait Malek arrived. Right next to the Spanish-Moroccan was the Portuguese Miguel Arsénio (5h12m15s), who closed the podium.

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