São João marches in Porto Santo

… attended by thousands

São João marches in Porto Santo 1

The Diario reports from the São João marches in Porto Santo last night.

There were around 450 who embodied the marches that travelled through the streets of Porto Santo and many thousands who stood on the side of the road to watch the four groups pass by. Groups “who got together, idealized, rehearsed and, finally, materialized the high point of the São João festivities on Ilha Dourada” according to the newspaper.

There were four groups. Camacha had 120 people, Cidade with 127 elements, Campo de Baixo with over 120 participants and Campo de Cima with 85.

Charmingly, the end of the route is on the main stage, in Praça do Barqueiro, but no one receives an award – there are no winners, losers, distinctions or consolation prizes. “The achievement belongs to everyone after months of dedication” observes the Diario.

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  1. Off topic I’m surprised the recent death of a tourist canyoning hasn’t been more widely reported tbh. Just a thought, but are the authorities now trying to keeping a lid on further reporting because the tourist season is starting?

  2. Waterbaby, Nothing to do with the season it’s not unusual for them to keep the lid on tightly as possible when it comes to tourist deaths or any crime towards them but do like to report when they recuse tourists.

    • And add their that also some tourists also commit and involved in crimes and do drug dealings also not all them are saints and priests. 🤔🤔

    • And I did taught that you did caught a lift from Sagres ship and run way from the infestation drug island ? But there is a problem you neither live their at all . 🤣🤣

    • Waterbaby, all the stories you thank the correspondent for are freely available in the two local newspapers and two blogs. It’s where he gets his news from. Ask him if he can give you one story, not printed, with details. He can’t. Rather than thank him, ask a question, if it’s personal, he won’t answer, if it’s where he gets the garbage he writes, he can’t answer.


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