Relegation costs millions

First Heathrow strike cancelled

Diario picture of post-relegation press conference

The biggest graphic highlight on the front page of the Diario goes to the financial gap caused by the relegation of Marítimo from the Primera Liga of Portuguese Football. 

Between the government subsidy and television revenue, the club will lose millions of euros due to relegation. Manager Rui Fontes, in tears, asks for an urgent general meeting. Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, on the other hand, talks about the need to reflect on the financing of professional football.

First Heathrow strike called off

The Evening Standard reports, among other sources, that security workers at Heathrow Airport have called off the first two days of planned strike action this summer after receiving an improved pay offer.

More than 2,000 staff said they will postpone industrial action on 24 and 25 June. However, members of the Unite union will go ahead with the remaining 29 days of strikes over the summer if a deal with Heathrow management cannot be reached.

One of the busiest transportation hubs in the world, Heathrow Airport in the UK, is preparing for a series of planned security staff strikes that will take place every weekend throughout the summer.

The Portugal News reported that there will likely be repercussions from these strikes that will affect several Portuguese airports, including those in Lisbon, Faro, Porto, and Madeira. They note that concerns about flight delays, cancellations, and the overall travel experience for passengers travelling between the UK and Portugal are raised by the potential disruption brought on by the proposed strikes.

On average sixty flights are coming to and from Portugal every weekend, with the likes of British Airways and TAP being the main route providers. The effects of the Heathrow strikes are anticipated to reach beyond the immediate area of the airport and have an impact on the Portuguese hubs that are well-liked vacation spots for visitors from the United Kingdom.

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  1. This idea that a potential relegation team of League 1 plays against the potential promotion team from league 2 is an interesting idea. Maybe English foot all should think about this scheme.


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