Regional Arts Week

… adds colour to the Placa Central

Regional Arts Week being inspected by the Regional President
Regional Arts Week adds colour to the Placa Central

The Diario reports that more than a hundred works of plastic expression once again give (much) more colour to the centre of Funchal in what is the 2023 Regional Arts Week.

Accompanied by the Regional Secretary for Education, Science and Technology, Jorge Carvalho, the Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, was present yesterday afternoon at the Placa Central on Avenida Arriaga, where the colourful and attractive exhibition is taking place as part of what is the 12th Regional Week of Art.

“All the schools in the Region, from the 1st Cycle to Secondary Education, including also the Centers for Occupational Activities”, in a total of more than a hundred education and teaching establishments, are present with exhibited works by around four thousand ‘artist’ students and 120 teachers, pointed out the Plastic Expression coordinator of the Artistic Education Services Department, Ricardo Lapa.

“Anyone passing by on the avenue can appreciate the sculptures and learn a bit about art history, a bit about the style of ‘Pop Art’, the artists and their techniques, so it’s important to work in schools and work for the community , because it creates an art history lesson for people and for those who visit the exhibition. The teachers get rich, the students learn a lot and the population is much more interested in the style of art that we have nowadays”
Plastic Expression coordinator

The director of Artistic Education Services, Natalina Santos, highlighted the scope of this Regional Arts Week in various locations in the city of Funchal, such as the Municipal Garden Auditorium, Madeira Legislative Assembly, Praça da Restauração, Praça do Povo, Shopping Center Madeira Shopping, Electricity Museum – Casa da Luz, Avenida Arriaga, Escola dos 2.º e 3.º Ciclos Dr. Horacio Bento de Gouveia.

“Regional Arts Week comprises 31 events taking place in various spaces in downtown Funchal and also in two commercial spaces with exhibitions”, in this case patents in Madeira Shopping and Casa da Luz.

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  1. This is a great incentive for any type of age students to get involved with arts and the same time develop their imagination and creativity. Great job to the education department doing this type of things in the schools and all ther other projects they been doing .❤️❤️


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