President defends Madeira’s safety

“One of the safest areas in the world”

The President, speaking about safety in Madeira

“Although there is often a feeling of insecurity, the Region is one of the safest areas in the world” claims the President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, who considers that this “sensation”, is often “psychological”, and is “manifestly exaggerated”.

The President of the Regional Government, who was speaking during the ceremony for the delivery of new equipment to the PSP (security police), supported his statement with the latest statistical data on safety: “With regard to crime rates per resident population, Madeira, in 2021, had 22.1%. That is, it was the lowest number in the country if we take into account that the national average was 29.1% and the Azores 42.9%”, he pointed out, understanding that “there is a psychological feeling of insecurity that is something manifestly exaggerated”.

“Violent crime is low”

Asked about the theme that makes the headlines of JM today – the feeling of insecurity that is growing in São Pedro, especially in Rua do Paiol, due to robberies of houses and vehicles, allegedly perpetrated by drug addicts – the president of the Regional Government recognizes that there are some robberies in the Region, but makes a point of underlining that violent crime is low.

“Violent crime has substantially decreased both in the country and in the region, but obviously this is also due to the decisive role of the PSP”, he reinforced, reiterating that these people are not a concrete threat to the safety of society. “They can generate that sense of threat, but they don’t. They are people who have to be accompanied and treated, rather than looking at them as delinquents. They are people who are affected by this disgrace of these drugs, they live in their dependence. They have embarrassing living conditions, but that does not mean they are a threat to society”, he concluded.

President defends Madeira's safety 1

Today’s Matt cartoon in the Telegraph is brilliant:

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    • Where is your evidence again only speculation without anything showing anything at least I go there twice a year and the pictures isn’t what you are implying more safe than the town or hamlet that you live in Uk

    • The bumpy ride. Please tell us how you know. If you’ve ever been there, which I doubt, reading the uninformed, complaining, untrue criticsm of both the island and the Madeirans, which you spew, anyone in there right mind would never have gone back. Perhaps that’s it. Not in your right mind.


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