Porto Santo increases vigilance

Two more beaches patrolled

Porto Santo increases vigilance 1

The JM front page highlights the golden island. Porto Santo authorities have guaranteed surveillance on two more beaches. 

This year, the beach has two new concession areas with public access, one (of my favourites) in Calheta and the other on Pedras Pretas beach.

Lido closed today

Funchal authority workers have detected a problem caused in the wastewater network following a rupture of the wastewater lift pipe on Rua do Gorgulho.


According to reports they have worked all night in an attempt to fix the problem, but without guarantees of solving it in time to open the popular facility this Saturday.

Access to prohibit bathing at Praia do Gavinas will therefore be prohibited this Saturday, announced a Câmara Municipal do Funchal source to JM.

Porto Santo increases vigilance 3

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  1. Record tourist numbers equals record sewage production and no doubt more pipe blockages where pipe diameters are too small for the volumes now being poured down them. This is a major infrastructure problem that I fear will only get worse as the numbers continue to increase. Also with more apartments each with two or three bathrooms being built yet another contributionary factor to a failing sewage infrastructure built probably 40 or 50 years ago. Sadly the problems being seen in the UK with sewage due to lack of involvement could soon become a serious problem on Madeira.


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