Most support tourist taxes

More rain today

Tourist tax headline

More than 61% of respondents in the Intercampus survey for JM accept that foreign citizens pay a tourist tax to visit public spaces such as the Cabo Girão viewpoint or the Cais do Sardinha route. 

However, most believe that a single fee with access to all tourist attractions was a preferable means of charging a tourist tax.

More rain today

The mountainous areas of the island of Madeira will be under a yellow warning, for rain, between 3 am this morning and 9 am.

According to the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, persistent rain is forecast, sometimes heavy.

The rest of the archipelago remains green. Looks like any significant rain will be this morning:

Most support tourist taxes 1

‘New submarine cable by 2026′ is also featured in the technology section.

Carreiros do Monte: new hours

The Association of Carreiros do Monte has announced that it has a new opening hours.

Thus, from Monday to Saturday, it will be open from 9 am to 6 pm. In turn, it will be closed on the 1st of January, Good Friday, the 14th and 15th of August, Christmas Day and on Sundays, “even if there are cruise ships in the port of Funchal, with the exception of the 31st of December, when that day falls on a Sunday”. In that case, the association will be open.

9 thoughts on “Most support tourist taxes”

    • I think this is the wrong headline translation Richard, what its really saying when you read it,is to ” charge for access” thats why I responded with my concerns, charging for access could potentially control numbers at the sites, as in all cases, there is not enough car parking,or even fund more car parking facilities. Something has to be done,or the shear frustration will have the same effect your suggesting and people won’t come,due to impossible access, have you seen the queues for getting on tobbogan? Or the number of vehicles awaiting what is sometimes hours for the return of the people from certain viewing points or levada walks, the facilities are woefully inadequate. Liveramento gets grid locked.

  1. Volumes of tourists in certain locations all at same time, is becoming a very serious issue, here in Liveramento around end of toboggan run, its a nightmare, taxis, coaches, trucks for taking back the sledges are causing traffic chaos and it even came close to blows the other day. Regular buses can’t get through and even people are causing issues by standing in middle of road,looking and acting bewildered as to what to do,next.
    So how do you deal with this?

    • Harry, there are islands half way around the world dealing with the same problem. Kauai has taken the approach to limit the number of people that can access areas. The Kauai County there will hire community people to control the parking areas, which they will charge for parking and reservations will be needed to visit areas. As they point out, the scenic areas and beaches are being over loved and over used so the need to control it over rides the argument that it will chase people away. On Oahu, a marine reserve already charges for admission for tourist, local people are free, but reservations are needed to get to the beach. This is a world wide problem not just Madeira and place are trying things to see what works and to control the crowds.

      • Exactly, it can be done and needs to be done, leaving it in its current position is not acceptable and will lead to frustration and longer term greater damage, there seems to be a political will and as you point out here,there is a lead on it elsewhere, learn from others and act on it.

      • Totally agree with your comments I visited Kauai in 1998 and dread to think how like Madeira it has changed from the garden isle to just another mass tourist destination. Funchal is supposedly twinned with Honolulu although little evidence of this anywhere to be seen. Certainly I think advance reservations to access overpopular walks etc might be a way forward and obviously would create employment for park rangers etc to monitor both parking facilities and actual access to these areas. Mass tourism benefits mostly an elite who own the hotel chains and monopolies like the airport, ferry service and even car hire companies. The employees might have jobs but I would bet none get any bonuses if if profits dramatically increase, Mr Big reaps 99% of the benefits whilst the island ecology and general environment for inhabitants of the island gets steadily worse. Remember that tourist slogan “Madeira is nature” should mean the politicians in charge should be nurturing this “golden goose” and not ignoring the fact that their drive for ever more numbers of tourists will eventually kill everything that has made Madeira so unique and special.


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