Madeira voted best small airport

Environmental targets achieved

madeira airport, voted best European small airport

Madeira Airport has been distinguished as the Best European Airport 2023 in the category of “Small Airport” with less than 5 million passengers, within the scope of the ACI (Airport Council International) awards.

The sector recognized VINCI Airports‘ traffic recovery, with Madeira Airport receiving an additional four million passengers in 2022, a historic maximum in the airport’s history.

The Council observes that the outlook remains strong in 2023, “thanks to the proactive development of connectivity that allows Madeira airport to offer 59 routes this summer, including 7 new routes with Budapest, Paris, Valencia, Malaga, Milan, Rome and New York”. How long it remains a “small airport” at this rate remains to be seen?

The award also recognizes the environmental leadership of VINCI Airports, with the ACA 4+ certification obtained at Madeira airport and at all other airports in Portugal, which thus becomes the first country in the European Union to have its entire airport system (10 airports) certified by ACA 4+. The implementation of VINCI Airports’ environmental program allowed Madeira Airport to replace conventional lighting with LEDs, renew the airport’s fleet with low-emission vehicles, implement an intelligent system to monitor electricity and water consumption and optimize heating and cooling.

VINCI Airports respond that they have been proud to announce that Portugal’s airports have been awarded the ACA 4+ certification, the highest level of the ACI’s environmental assessment programme. This certification recognises that airports have fully accounted for and reported direct and indirect CO2 emissions related to their activities and operations and have significantly reduced their direct emissions, offset their residual direct emissions and started to reduce their indirect emissions.

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  1. Isabel, As you called out my name, the best person to ask is Albuquerque how much did he pay for the reward How much will it cost him to stop the wind to get a few more tourists in fly at your own risk while he is at it, maybe he can add a few chairs so we don’t have to sit on the floor in the airport also more passport booths get tourists in and out quicker and airport buses so we don’t have to deal with those drunk rude taxi drivers demanding double the fare and a tip real rip off merchants a bad experience all round build a bigger airport for mass tourism?

    • Mick
      Besides disrespecting and insulting all the time the island and their people imply and saying that all are dealing drugs and consuming drugs now is the drink problems ? You should look in your own country the organised crime laundering money and drug and drink problems that are bigger than in the island . And airports are worse with long queues and rip-off prices and many times when there are delays, no food or help given and people also sleep in the waiting areas .And some taxis drivers in your country besides being drunk also on drugs and take you to a rip off ride and many . No country is perfect and neither yours .

      • Isabel, Congratulations, an answer, poorly punctuated but an answer from our resident intellectual. Tearing himself away from his Netflix, cops and robbers, “true story,” which while watching, he claims to recognise the beauties of Madeira although it was filmed in the Azores, he bestows on us his pearls of wisdom.
        “How much did Albuquerque pay for the reward.” He has absolutely no facts to support him in this. A typical throwaway remark, in which he not only insults Albuquerque but all the personnel who organise the award.
        An absolutely rambling, “how much will it cost him to stop the wind” which doesn’t even make sense.
        “May be he can add a few chairs so we don’t have to sit on the floor” In my 60 odd trips to Madeira I have never had to sit on the floor. I may have had to sit apart from my wife but we have always been been able to find a seat. Is there anyone out there apart from the Gang of Four who have never been able to find a seat?
        Passport booths, before Brexit, never a problem. Recently when the Passport Officers were on strike there was a small problem but more booths wouldn’t have changed that. That’s logic but logic is a stranger to our correspondent.
        Airport buses, I don’t use them but there is a well used service which our correspondent doesn’t seem to know about. Perhaps he’s never been to Madeira, we’ve no proof he has.
        Taxi drivers, yes, there is a small minority of bad apples but I suggest he tries Rome or New York.
        In his last sentence, I think he is saying, “build a bigger airport,” but he constantly denigrates mass tourism, and has never complimented Madeira or it’s people on anything.

        • And first I would like to apologies that not all the taxi drives are like that there is good and bad ones and also there is drives and even pedestrians with the same problems affects everyone in society unfortunately . And some things can be improved in Madeira airport also no airport is perfect.

    • Do you know the word generalizing and the meaning of that word ? It seems not . You cant go generalizing over the place like you do isn’t correct or right .

      • Your friend says he tells it like it is. How does he know how it is? He mistook video film of the Azores for Madeira a couple of posts ago.

        • Well the only solution is go back to a church and pray for Mick and James that been missing lately . Or the two are the same people ? 🙏🙏

    • It’s 2-38 in the morning, you must have just finished watching your “true” crime story on Netflix, you know the one. It’s the one where you told us you loved the scenery of Madeira then found out it was the Azores you had been watching. Tired but unable to sleep your overactive brain cells, all four of them, thought what other stupid claim can I make. Does isabel and george work for the blog? To answer your question, I can’t speak for Isabel but I don’t. By the way, it should read, Do Isabel and George work for the Blog?


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