Lisbon airport creaking!

New airport required desperately

Humberto Delgado Lisbon Airport

JM reports that TAP flight 1689, bound for Funchal, which was scheduled to leave Lisbon airport at 7:25 pm last night, was delayed, being held on the runway with passengers already inside the plane. A situation that results from what the paper describes as “the immense traffic” at Lisbon airport.

There are rare occasions when passengers from different airlines have to wait inside the plane, on the runway, waiting for authorization to take off. However, with long-standing constraints, Humberto Delgado Airport is ‘bursting at the seams’ and waiting for solutions that have dragged on for years.

The plane to Madeira eventually departed over an hour late, with, I would guess, some pretty annoyed passengers on board.

Talk of a new Lisbon airport has been ongoing for a long time, with a number of locations in the frame, but little concrete progress.

Options are to either keep Humberto Delgado airport as the main airport and Montijo as a complement or to go with a solution of Montijo progressively acquiring the status of the main airport and Humberto Delgado becoming secondary.

A third choice sees Alcochete fully replace Humberto Delgado airport, whilst a fourth keeps the original airport as the main option with Santarém supporting, and finally the option of using Santarém to completely replace the existing airport.

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