Largest public garden in the city

… planned for Praia Formosa

Public gardens for Praia Formosa announcement

JM headlines this morning that the entire bathing area of ​​Praia Formosa will remain public, including public gardens – even with the private investments that will be born in the area – links below. The guarantee is given to JM by the Funchal Councillor for Urbanism. João Rodrigues reveals that the promoters will cede an area of ​​land to house the largest public garden in the city.

Rumours of a major development first surfaced last November, with the same councillor revealing proposals that the land, owned by the Welsh family and the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, is planned to accommodate around 500 dwellings and a hotel. There was no mention of any public gardens at this point

The first detailed proposals came to light in January when Pestana, almost out of the blue, released a promotional video (below).

Predictably the proposal met with fierce criticism from a number of parties. In April the Regional President Miguel Albuquerque became involved, announcing that Praia Formosa will have public gardens and covered parking for public use.

Over the last few weeks, the previously “missing” section of the promenade has very quickly been filled in with the walkway completing the entire frontage, which is now in the process of being landscaped.

It has been drawn to my attention that there has been some pretty blatant replication by the copyblog over the past couple of weeks – just adding up how many – one more here (duly copied 8 hours after appearing here) with a bonus six: Latest count 18 articles originated here in the just the last eight daysi

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  1. Must be me dreaming not, I passed them over to Jane and my comment made 18, maybe I have been reading another blog, sorry for trouble I caused

  2. I think this is great news for that area and if they plant a lot of trees and shrubs plus flowers will be a interesting place for people walk and enjoy with their families . As opposite in Sintra the council did built a supposed romantic public garden with nothing planted . If think they need call the UK gardens and teach them how to create a garden something they know how to do .

  3. … Here we go Again with your Pathetic Childish Jealousy ,, Why do you keep Monitoring Madeira Island News if you dislike it so much ?? ,, Constantly Criticising has the Opposite Effect and does not, as you assume, make you the best !! ,, I know you are Bitter and have an Axe to Grind, but keep it to yourself ,, it makes you sound like a Petulant Baby !!!! …


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