Homeless accused of killing and drugging animals

Hot weather arrives next weekend

Homeless accused of killing and drugging animals - headline in JM

The alert comes from different institutions on the island: There are animals that are allegedly victims of mistreatment by homeless drug addicts. The suffering even reaches what JM describes as “Danteesque” proportions, in the opinion of Natália Vieira, from ANIMAD

The concern is shared by provider João Freitas, Animal Ombudsman, who calls for more inspection and toxicological tests. But not all homeless people commit these crimes gainst animals, which is why Sílvia Ferreira, from the homeless support centre CASA, asks that the removal of the dogs be “concerted and strategic”. 

I thought twice about posting this story as I don’t want to be over-publicising the drug stories that have been featured here recently, but there would appear to be a genuine problem that is in danger of escalating further.

30 degrees next weekend?

The front page of JM today also has an alert for the hot weather that will arrive in Madeira next Saturday. Temperatures will go above 30 degrees.

Ultra skyrunning photos

Just added some great photos to the “Skyrunning success” post earlier today.

20 thoughts on “Homeless accused of killing and drugging animals”

  1. Admin, you should not think twice these drug addicts are not only killing and drugging animals it’s a real serious problem that needs to be addressed urgently.

    • This is a sad thing neither should happen with people and animals that can happen anywhere can happen in Madeira mainland Portugal or even your own country. And will be interesting seeing the statistics about this in your own country . Any numbers to compare the two countries ?

      • Isabel,as a Madeiran and fluent in Portuguese are you able to read the inside pages of the two Madeiran newspapers and could you advise if there is a way to download and translate the papers

          • Isabel, thank you for that. I have tried but still can’t manage to read the story which was printed on the inside pages that I hoped would contain more facts than the teaser on the front page, which contained none. As I said this needed to be printed but in this form it does not help Madeira and enables the Madeira knockers to publish their ill thought out condemnations.

  2. Admin. Don’t apologise. It is absolutely right that you should bring to our notice this story. But just printing what you have encourages the mindless, as per the first contributor, who take every opportunity they can to denigrate and run down Madeira and it’s people. But I despair of reading any detail. I have downloaded the on line, front page Journal story and it is runs to 75 words with an hysterical headline, “Homeless people accused of drugging and murdering animals.” Almost identical to what you have printed. Short of subscribing to the Journal and learning Portuguese is there anyway we can read the inside story which I hope contains more information.

    • And unfortunately any people that use drugs should be banned of having any type of animals or have a better control to see if the animals are well treated and kept but I think this difficult .

    • George, I understand your hurt, you don’t want to let go of the old Madeira we all loved? but it has gone unfortunately you better get used to the drugs & crime problem its getting worse everyday and the government doesn’t give a toss.

      • You do not understand my hurt. I have no wish to see Madeira slide back to it’s past, unlike yourself whose wish it is to revert to the Madeira of the the jobless, uneducated, poor, bastion of privilege that was the 60s and 70s, where even you could feel superior. I doubt you have the capability to understand anything that requires words of more than one syllable. As to love, it seems the only thing you love, certainly not Madeira, you have never praised anything about Madeira, let alone loved, are the stupid, racist, insulting, ill thought out, one sentence. criticisms and opinions you inflict on us. Referring to Russel and his insults, you do far, far worse, you insult our intelligence by your statements by then refusing to defend them with answers to any questions.

          • Tell us, is there anything about Madeira and the Madeiran people you like? If there is please tell us. If there isn’t, tell us why you bother to constantly run down the island. You dislike Brazilians and Venezuelans, any other nationalities you would like to refuse admission to? What about religion, I can’t imagine you haven’t strong feelings about this. Open up, show us what a fair minded, deep thinking and caring sort of person you are.
            Oh, if it helps, the keys with funny symbols on denote commas and full stops but of course you know this.

  3. I despair at some of the comments made here, talk about head in sand,this drug issue applies world wide,the cost per individual to turn people off their habit is a staggering amount, I’m researching it via a contact I have in a charity in UK at the minute.
    If people are incapable of looking after themselves its hardly surprising that they would find it difficult to look after a animal or indeed anyone else for that matter.

  4. Tough love, tough love, tough love.

    I know little about how to tackle drug addiction, however, I would suggest:

    To meaningfully reduce this drug problem you need clear objectives, a plan, commitment, tenacity and a strong person to manage the project.

    1 protect society 2 controlled environment 3 no drugs 4 good diet 5 lots of physical exercise 6 help securing a job 7 slow reintroduction to family and friends.

    The key is having the right person to take control of this challenging problem.

  5. It requires a focused charity, Bernard
    Everything you say above is correct, and something I have some knowledge,understanding and experience in, I go on and on about it on the blog, but I’m working on it,behind the scenes,
    Look up Embassy Village Manchester UK
    We assisted financing its set up, Sid who started it, is willing to come to Madeira and give talks on its success, Im currently working up a report,on set up costs,success rates, cost per head,turn round time,staffing levels. I already have a deep understanding of the fact, it requires all the differing component parts to work as one unit.
    These things tend to be long winded,I’ve been working at it since before pandemic.


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