Airport wind limits

… cannot be a political decision

airport wind limits at Madeira Airport,

JM reports online that taking advantage of the visit of the Minister of Infrastructure to the Region, Miguel Albuquerque asked João Galamba for help in reviewing the airport wind limits at Madeira Airport, a “problem that continues to drag on” in the Region

Regional President Miguel Albuquerque said “It is decisive and fundamental that someone has the courage to make decisions. And what is happening is that we have been here for years and years in immobility regarding the limits of Madeira Airport ”, he said, recalling the investment of 550 million euros in infrastructure.

“I am not a technician, but I understand that the limits of the airport were set in 1964 (…) of a technical group to study and adapt the wind limits.

“We stubbornly maintain the wind limits.

“We stubbornly maintain the airport wind limits. We continue to let the situation drag on without anyone being able to resolve it ”, he maintained, recalling that “a minor change is enough for 80% of diverted flights to land in Madeira ”.

Confronted by journalists on the subject, João Galamba stressed that the decision “could never be political”.

“As everyone knows, safety is one of the main assets of aeronautical activity and any step in this matter must be taken with full technical safety. Obviously, the Government of the Republic and all authorities share the objectives of the Regional Government of Madeira, which is to guarantee better functioning and better operational capacity of the airport”, he noted, stressing that this decision “can never be political”.

João Galamba considers that it would be a “tragedy” for the Region and for tourism in the same if anyone suspected that this was a political decision.

For this reason, he emphasizes that “all these steps will be taken with rigour and technical viability”, showing total availability to discuss the topic with the regional executive and the competent authorities.

“Our objective is the same: being able, and with the security to do so, to guarantee better conditions for Madeira Airport to operate more days and with less interruption”, he added.

The minister also added that the purchase and award of the radars for Madeira Airport, by NAV Portugal- Navegação Aérea, had already been defined, and, according to his forecast, they should start operating within a year.

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  1. 550 million? Maybe use this towards a new airport in a better location, more Passport Staff, Security Staff, more seating in Departures. This Airport can’t cope on busy days.

  2. Exactly. If Albuquerque has the nerve to say that ‘the wind limits are stubbornly maintained´ , a measure meant for aircraft safety, we should all insist that the PSD-M stubbornly sticks to impeding a ferry because the Grupo Sousa says so. Now that IS political.


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