120 nationalities in Madeira

Venezuelans, Germans and Brazilians head the list

Nationalities headline in the Diario

The Diario this morning focuses on immigrants, reporting that Venezuelans, Germans and Brazilians lead the foreigners residing in the Region, with citizens of 120 nationalities residing in Madeira. This number of those with foreign nationalities has been increasing over the last four years. 

There are 800 Ukrainians on the island, who, since the start of the armed conflict that devastates their country, have been here with a ‘Temporary Protection’ title. 

Heavy rain triggers rockfalls

Across both local newspapers, there are reports of rockfalls triggered by the recent heavy rain.

The former Regional Road 101, in the Porto Novo area, in Gaula, was closed to traffic due to falling rocks, according to the Municipality of Santa Cruz.

Yesterday afternoon, several large stones fell on the road to Garajau, located a few metres from the public gardens, a place frequented by many families. These incidents are reported by JM to have generated apprehension in the community. The newspaper has photos of the rockfall:

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  1. Racial, to talk of a nation or state. You are, as usual, denigrating entire groups of people from a specific area, whilst never telling us of your own origins, and location.How would you describe yourself ? Thoughtful, fair, non critical. Are there any other groups you are not happy with? How about religion or colour ? If I was either Brazìlian or Venezuelan I would not be happy to be described as a master of crime and drugs. You really believe a whole race can be summed up in such senseless phrases. You’re an idiot.


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