Search and Rescue to be free?

Coalition agree on joint program

Search and Rescue to be free? - headline in the Diario

Today’s Diario brings front-page news about the search and rescues carried out in the mountains of Madeira. It looks like from now on search and rescue will be free, with the Civil Protection preparing a legal opinion in which it will indicate that no fire brigade can charge the costs of rescue operations, regardless of the means involved,

This is at a time when, in the first four months of this year, 54 people were rescued in the region’s mountains – previously some local municipalities understood that they were entitled to charge for search and rescue operations.

Coalition agree on joint program

The main headline reveals that the ruling PSD and CDS coalition will run in the forthcoming elections with a single program . ‘Commitment 2030‘, to do with the distribution of European funds, and ‘Traçar Horizontes’ both feature in the common strategy. 

‘Traçar Horizontes’ is a project to collect contributions from various sectors, included in 8 areas of work, with a view to preparing the electoral program of the CDS, which will then be integrated into the coalition’s program, with the PSD running the legislative elections regional.

Bulk carrier breaks down

The Diario reports online that the bulk carrier that on the 19th of May caught the attention of Madeirans because it was releasing a lot of smoke from the chimney, off the bay of Funchal, has returned.

The ship’s commander apparently asked the Captain of the Port of Funchal for permission to anchor the ship about three miles from the Madeiran coast (the photo must be from the archives?), to repair a problem he had in one of the main engines.

The Captain of the Port of Funchal explained that the ship should be anchored there for about 36 hours from 17:00 last night. “We are following the work. In the end, the engineer will carry out an inspection and if everything is in order, they will continue on their journey”, added Rui Teixeira.

8 thoughts on “Search and Rescue to be free?”

  1. Chimney = Funnel
    Commander = Captain
    Perhaps lost in the translation.
    Can’t understand why anchor for the repair, they have the wide Atlantic Ocean to stop and drift in while carrying out repairs. Sounds like they were not confident/competent enough to be sure of fixing the problem. Too many of these ships are being manned by crews who “buy” their qualifications and tickets.

  2. The reason for the anchor is so they won’t drift either into other shipping or towards the shore line, why three miles, perhaps because they might not be able to repair or not have the necessary part required and help may have to be brought out to them. Three miles seems wiser than the middle of the Atlantic. As to the qualifications and tickets I’m sure you have evidence of this.

    • After 45 years working in this field on General Cargo, Reefer ships, Bulk Carriers, Tankers and Cruise Liners?
      Perhaps you know better George.

      • No anchor, no engines, no control. Anchor, no engines, at least he and others know where he is. By the way you haven’t disagreed with me as to why he anchors.

        • Anchoring in proximity to land requires engines to be on standby and crew to be ready – marine regulations. Marine surveyors inspect on a regular basis and all ships carry sufficient spares (even a propellor) to enable, with experienced crew, to repair and either continue on voyage or make diversion to a suitable port where they can dock.


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