Rescue scramble

CR7 shirt fraud

Rescue scramble headline in the Diario

A record use of the emergency services in a scramble to rescue a tourist is the news that makes the headlines in the printed edition of the Diario this Wednesday, May 24. Apparently, 15 elements of the GNR (the National Guard element of the police force), 18 firefighters from two corporations and even drones from the Civil Protection were mobilized to help a tourist with a foot injury in Chão da Ribeira. 

Different entities have exchanged accusations about failures in articulation and communication as the various sources reportedly scrambled over each other at the scene.

Ronaldo’s brother charged with CR7 shirt fraud

Various news outlets report that Hugo dos Santos Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s older brother, has been accused of selling ‘fake shirts’ from Juventus and faces charges by Italian justice for allegedly committing the fraud.

As Notícias ao Minuto advances, this trial dates back to 2019, but only now has the Madeira star’s relative received confirmation that he is in fact accused of counterfeiting more than 13,000 black and white shirts, a club where CR7 played between 2018 and 2021.

Ronaldo and his elder brother

Although identical to the Juventus originals made by Adidas, these shirts featured the CR7 Museum logo and the international player’s name on the front.

According to this publication, the production of these kits was in the hands of the Pegaso company, which had an agreement with Hugo dos Santos Aveiro. However, the production took place without the corresponding rights.

Hugo dos Santos Aveiro will therefore be brought before the court, the hearing is scheduled for June 20th.

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