Poor weather to continue?

Rain forecast

Weather forecast - poor weather to continue?

Numerous different forecasts for Madeira do not look so promising over the coming weekend, as the good weather seems to be definitely favouring the UK at the moment. Both the BBC and the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA are factoring in an unusually high probability of rain through until next Tuesday as the generally poor weather continues.

Today is forecast to have periods of very cloudy skies, with light showers in general, more frequent on the northern slopes and in the highlands from the afternoon onwards. The wind is forecast to be generally light (up to 20 km/h) from the north with a maximum temperature of 22º and a minimum of 17º.

The Mirror reports that Brits are set for a sizzling end to Spring as temperatures creep towards 30C. The Met Office have confirmed temperatures will sit comfortably “above average” as the UK heads towards June, with brighter days ahead. “And by the end of the week, the mercury could reach 25°C which would make the UK hotter than the Spanish island of Ibiza or Malaga on the Costa del Sol”.

The Times reports that there has been a big change in overall conditions, as a seemingly relentless succession of low-pressure systems that have delivered a dull spring in the UK have given way to high pressure from the Azores. That system has split the jet stream in two, shunting it both north and south, with the southern track through the Mediterranean explaining the low pressure that unleashed devastating rains over Italy, where six months’ worth of rain fell in 36 hours.

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The forecast for Madeira for the coming week

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