New use for old hospital

Cherry season promising

New use for old hospital - headline in JM today

JM leads with the news that Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos considers that “due to its unique location”, the main Dr Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal “will probably have another use and not necessarily in the health area”. In an interview with JM and radio 88.8, the official, who was almost permanently high-profile in the local news during the pandemic, reveals that more family health units will be created and has announced a new platform in the area of ​​assistance and guarantees that will come into force in 2024.

New use for old hospital 1

The new hospital, currently under construction west of Funchal in Santa Rita is due to be completed by the second half of 2027. Due to the age of the current primary hospital on the island, it will be a relief to many staff and patients to see it up and running.

Today’s pictorial highlight is the fruit of the season: the cherry that, this year, came in abundance, both in Jardim da Serra and in Curral das Freiras. The newspaper adds, that is if the weather doesn’t spoil before the day of the harvest.

The transport of goods through the ports of the Region increased by 13% in the latest figures.

New more powerful blog search facility

A new, vastly improved “search” facility has been introduced allowing readers to search (box in the sidebar above) on any word or phrase used in any of the posts over the last sixteen years. Previously the search facility only returned matches on headings rather than the entire content. It remains to be seen whether this will slow the blog down – fingers crossed! If it works it should move the blog even further ahead of the increasing number of imitators, providing a huge resource for visitors and residents.

5 thoughts on “New use for old hospital”

  1. He must be reading the blog, shows what power we have ( not) all questions ( not) answered about future use of old hospital.
    Other than it actually says no more,than it will close, but note ‘ more family health services,will be provided’ but does not say,if thats at new site,or scattered around island. So if you are reading this Mr Ramos, for the sake of the future well being of Madeirians,please fill in some gaps. Obrigado.

    • Harry, it’s the newspapers role in life to ask questions and the politicians role to answer if it shows him in a good light. Can you imagine the British media writing this story?

      • Just ironical that we were all going on about this very same topic last week. It would be nice,if we had some influence but most likely not 🤣


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