New rules for sick leave announced

Self-certify for three days

SEC logo, who administer sick leave

Press Agency Lusa report online that as of yesterday (a public holiday, ironically), it is not necessary to go to the doctor to take sick leave of up to 3 days iin Portugal. This is a measure aimed at freeing doctors from bureaucratic work at health centres. 

According to CNN Portugal, from May 1st workers in Portugal no longer have to go to the doctor to ask for short-term sick leave (up to three days) as a self-declaration is enough to justify their absence.

As is already the case in several European countries, the responsibility for justifying absence from work due to illness becomes the responsibility of the worker. The worker may request the SNS 24 to issue a valid declaration to present to the employer and justify absences up to three consecutive days.

There will be three ways to request a self-declaration which include: the personal area of the SNS 24 Portal, in the SNS 24 App and via the SNS Line 24 (808 24 24 24).

What to do after three days if you are still sick?

If at the end of the three days the worker is still sick they must go see a doctor at their local Health Centre on the fourth day so that they can attest to whether or not they need a new Certificate of Temporary Incapacity.

Considering that three days have already been used, without remuneration, with the self-declaration, the next low – regardless of the days – will be paid in full (according to the percentages already provided for in the law).

This declaration can only be used twice a year, with a limit of six days a year.

Sick leave has reached record levels in Portugal recently.

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