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Work “proceeding at a good pace”

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“The work on the new hospital (officially the Central and University Hospital of Madeira), in Santa Rita, is proceeding at a good pace and within the deadlines”, says a press release published on the institutional page of the Government of Madeira, on Facebook.

It should be remembered that the completion, it should be noted, is scheduled for the second half of 2027.

Check out how the works related to the 2nd phase of this endeavour are going in the video below.

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    • For goodness sakes Mick, change the tune!! Nobody cares about covid any more there are bigger worries out there e.g. will Russia launch nukes against the U.k?

      • I agree Mick should change his tune, however, we should all continue to care about Covid. It can have a nasty sting in its tail, especially for those with other conditions, and/or immune system issues.

        Covid is here to stay and, like ‘flu, we must learn to live with it. That doesn’t mean ignoring it, but continuing to exercise good hygiene, keeping vaccinations up to date and trying to ensure we don’t make ourselves and others ill. Good sound common sense and common courtesy.

          • I give up. Mick you are a total fu*king moron just like the stupid yanks on that site. Morons fall for conspiracy theories all the time whereas intelligent people understand what is going on.

            If you really believe that all the government’s of the world got together to create vaccines to wipe people out then they didn’t do a good job as the population is still 6 billions or more!!

            Astra-Zeneca vaccine was developed at Oxford Uni where they were studying viruses. So, when Covid came along it didn’t take long to adapt the vaccines tgey had to do the job. Oh, it did do the job. Millions of lives were SAVED. Yes, some died but MILLIONS were SAVED. Can you not get that into your thick skull?

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            Meanwhile the rest of us in the real world are dealing with real world problems.

            This blog is about Madeira. If that concept is too complex for you I am sure you can find forums where you will fit in better.

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            Rant over.

                • Interesting COVID vaccines documentary anyone else that has watched it please comment? Thanks to Caroline & Maurice he used bad language used but I forgive you mate.

                  • Its the first time Ive ever read Maurice going off like this, but I agree entirely with his sentiments, for sure there would be fall out, from such a need,too mass vaccinate, but there was no choices, that or let it rip. ( by the way, world population approaching 9 billion) which is the main issue we have,but pandemic nor WW3 is the way to address it,but address it,we must.
                    Back to Madeira issues, it as always been stated the the new hospital replaces old DM hospital, but I’ve not read anywhere that the satellite units would close.

                    • Probably to waste a shed full of EU money that they get on loan, but hey oh, not our decision Mick. This type of infrastructure gets very dated,very quickly, and its not like there are dozens to be replaced,there’s one.
                      But let’s be honest here, your only now focusing on the item that the blog was about, the actual new hospital, and like vaccines,it not required according to the law of Mick. Tell that to the people of Madeira who need to use it.

  1. I wonder if the opening of this hospital will trigger the closure of the Hospital dos Marmeleiros in Monte? The staff for the new hospital will have to come from somewhere.

    • Yes, it will trigger closure of Marmeleiros. In fact, Hospital Nelio Mendonça and Marmeleiros are like a single hospital in two separate buildings. Its services are complementary.

      The new hospital will gather all services inba single unit.

  2. Tobi…is there any way to block these foul-mouthed comments?
    Mick….you are not alone…. you’re just braver than the rest of us ..

  3. I doubt if they will close the hospital in monte as they have just spent a whack of money bringing up to a very good finish, what I don’t read anywhere is that what is going to happen to the old hospital, it should be turned into a home for the elderly, as there is a great shortage.

  4. Can we go back to the topic: the new hospital?
    I am very curious to know (but we won’t for some time) if this hospital will indeed be ready within the deadline. It would be a novelty: a building project ready on-time. Unheard of.


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