Drug driving: ten arrested

Macaronesia cruise route proposed

Drug-driving headline in the Diario

The headline in the Diario reports that ten people were arrested for drug driving. In 2022, the PSP carried out 64 tests for driving under the influence of drugs last year (“consumption of psychotropic substances”, 55 of which were the result of road accidents.

Cruise route to Macaronesia

The photo of the port refers to the news that the Government is preparing a cruise route to Macaronesia. The President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque met with the world’s largest association of operators in the sector and presented a project that brings together the Azores, Canary Islands and Cape Verde, to create, in this area of ​​the Atlantic, a ship circuit throughout the year.

Singer on remand

Drug driving: ten arrested 1

The newspaper also reports on singer Ruben Aguiar who is on remand for trying to kill a man. The little-known musician outside local circles is suspected of trying to kill a 55-year-old man by running over him at a gas station in Alcochete in Setúbal, south of Lisbon. 

He was detained on Friday at Lisbon Airport. Friends and fans are reported to be in shock, and his lawyer is not talking about the case. His family will travel to the mainland to prepare a defence.

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  1. Great news they arrested 10 drug drivers, but they can’t arrest the drug dealers on the streets of Funchal selling the zombie drug bloom to teenagers and anyone else that has money.

  2. Six weeks plus a year, for the last ten years, first visited 1968, out of the hotel every night talking and listening to both visitors and locals and cannot recognise the Madeira portrayed by the few constantly bitter writers here. If just once they were to write a few positive lines on Madeira perhaps I could take them seriously but nothing good to say. At all? If it is so bad why do they choose to remain here. I constantly ask but never receive a reply. It is my constant surprise that they choose to live in Madeira. Please tell us why, there must be a reason.


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