Crime rises

… after pandemic

Crime headline in the Diario

The Diario headlines that crime has risen after the pandemic. The Minister of Internal Administration attributes the increase in crimes to the intensification of inspection, highlights the reinforcement of 57 staff in the PSP (security police) and GNR (national guard) in 2022 and guarantees that local security contracts will advance even further.

As the number of Comments on this website have proved, crime and drugs are quite clearly the top concern across the archepelago at the moment.

School Sports Party

The regional secretary for Education, Science and Technology, Jorge Carvalho, considers that all the conditions have been met for the opening ceremony of School Sports to return to the usual stage, Estádio dos Barreiros, next year.

Crime rises 1

The official was speaking to the JM on the sidelines of the opening session of this sporting event that took place yesterdayin Praça do Povo where it was limited to a restricted number of guests.

Jorge Carvalho was sensitive to the displeasure that thousands of parents and family members may be feeling for not being able to attend this event, but recalled that all editions of the Escolar Sport begin to be prepared the day after the end of each edition. And last year’s, which only had teachers, began to be thought of even in a pandemic context.

The School Sports Opening Party will return next year to its previous home in Barreiros.

Crime rises 3

The temporaty fault that briefly affected the blog automated sister website has been fixed. The number of news items related to Madeira and being automatically posted was proving too much for the server to handle!

7 thoughts on “Crime rises”

  1. And please tell me where in the world it isn’t rising, people struggle to live,they live and struggle, and thats reinforced throughout history. But here in Madeira it can be sorted out, just learn from places that are far ahead of us,here. One UK small town as more issues than all of Madeira.

    • Harry, I only have to read a headline like that and I know where the first, belittling, knocking, doleful, critical, comment will come from. He revels in it, yet still chooses to live in Madeira. Can’t seem to articulate why. Big fish, little pool syndrome?

  2. Yes full of big crap you lot are does the crime have anything to do with the tens of thousands of Venezuelan and Brazilian immigrants on the island.


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