Cancer kills more in Madeira

Maritimo earn a lifeline

Cancer headline in the Diario

Cancer kills more people in the Region than in the rest of the country. Behind the headline, the Diario explains that Madeira is in a counter-cycle with the nation as a whole, which registers a slight decrease in deaths associated with the disease. The number of cancer deaths reached the maximum value in 2021 since records were kept (strange to believe that there are no earlier statistics associated with such a killer disease as cancer.

In sports, Marítimo guaranteed their presence in the playoffs to remain in the top division of the Portuguese Football League. They beat Vizela yesterday and dispatched Paços de Ferreira and Santa Clara to the II League. Now they are waiting for Estrela da Amadora or Farense – one of these clubs will be their opponent in the ultimate fight for permanence that follows.

New more powerful blog search facility

A new, vastly improved “search” facility has been introduced allowing readers to search (box in the sidebar above) on any word or phrase used in any of the posts over the last sixteen years. Previously the search facility only returned matches on headings rather than the entire content. It remains to be seen whether this will slow the blog down – fingers crossed! If it works it should move the blog even further ahead of the increasing number of imitators, providing a huge resource for visitors and residents.

4 thoughts on “Cancer kills more in Madeira”

  1. I was diagnosed in Madeira with cancer. To read the headline is frightening. Please research and come back with some evedence instead of printing the proverbial “. sound bite” Don’t forget the patients are already vulnarable without reading such sensationalist Headlines.

  2. There are many factors that need to be investigated b4 publishing such a snippet of scary news. Any research health professional will look at all the vectors and stats such as age, wgt, gender etc the list is long but still a longitudinal/ controlled study needs to be done by a team of researchers b4 a definitive connect/ correlation can statically be significant. This is bad journalism that only shows ignorance. Think you need a medical person on staff to screen and determine if it really needs to be published.


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