Busiest day at UK airports

… since Covid-19

Busy Manchester airport
Manchester airport

The Telegraph reports that demand surges for trips to sunnier climates as the bank holiday and half-term break make for a heady combination, making today the busiest day at British airports since before the onset of the pandemic, as the number of people looking to make a getaway is boosted. Tourism here in Madeira has certainly been enjoying bumper times over recent months.

The newspaper reports that more than 3,000 flights are due to depart UK airports today, according to data from Cirium, the aviation analytics company. This represents the highest number of daily departures since December 20, 2019.

Airlines and tour operators have reported a surge in demand in recent weeks, with overseas reservations benefiting from the British spring’s weeks of rainfall. More than 11,350 flights will depart the UK during the long weekend, equating to more than 2 million seats.

The most popular destinations are forecast to be Dublin, Amsterdam, Palma, Malaga and Alicante.

“The demand for travel continues to be strong and this trend looks set to continue. The miserable weather at home has been enough to encourage even more Brits to head overseas looking for some sun.”
Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO of Advantage Travel Partnership, the UK’s largest group of independent travel agents.

England and Wales have seen their wettest March since 1981, while Northern Ireland endured its third wettest March on record.

The price of airfares has risen compared with last summer, but sales remain strong. Tui, the travel and tourism company, has sold 64 per cent of its summer holidays — 10% higher than in the same period in 2019 — despite average prices being 26% higher than before Covid-19.

Tour operators have reported a shift in consumer booking habits, with all-inclusive breaks more popular as holidaymakers try to lock in costs.

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