Border Force strike impacts

Lengthy queues already at Madeira Airport

SEF staff, who are on strike

JM reports that similar to what happened this weekend at Lisbon airport, the strike carried out by inspectors from the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) is already causing constraints in the operation at Madeira Airport.

This was confirmed to JM by Carlos Costa, SEF inspector and union delegate of the Union of Investigation, Inspection and Borders Inspectors (SIIFF), who informed that adherence to the strike was 100%, with only three inspectors on duty morning and a coordinating inspector.

Due to the strike, queues for boarding and disembarking are already lengthy, with waiting times longer than normal.

As the union leader recalls, the basis of this strike is the uncertainties that persist in relation to the future of SEF professionals. after approval of the transition regime for these workers, following the restructuring process.

This is because, despite such approval and being already in the hands of the President of the Republic for promulgation, the diploma is unknown to the workers themselves.

“That is, we do not know what the effective conditions are for the extinction of the service where we are and we also want deadlines to be established, since it is a process that has been going on for almost three years. It has had time to be more resolved”, said Carlos Costa, who attests that this is a situation that has worried and harmed several professionals in the Region.

“We have people who have already completed their service commissions and who have been waiting to return to the mainland since last year. We have people who do not know where, how or under what conditions they are going to stay and who cannot buy housing or change lease agreements. We have families who don’t know where they are going to enrol their kids next year. There are a number of constraints that have been going on for the last three years and that are actually quite harmful to SEF inspectors”, he clarified.

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