81 cameras to monitor Funchal

Video surveillance to cover downtown ​​Funchal

Cameras headline in the Diario

Today’s Diario reports that a video surveillance system consisting of 81 cameras, will monitor the entire downtown area of ​​Funchal, from the Old Town to the port entrance. The public tender will be launched by the City Council within three months. The newspaper reveals the areas where the cameras will be placed.

The prominent photo on the front page illustrates the news that Madeiran parents are being forced to buy vaccines that should be free. Health centres have cancelled the vaccination of the youngest due to drug disruption. The Regional Health Service (SESARAM) blames the Ministry of Health and the bad weather, which has not allowed supplies to reach the island.

Shipping sector conference

‘Madeira Maritime Week 2023’ is the name of the event that brings together, starting today and for a week, in Funchal, around 150 leaders of the European shipping industry. The Secretary of State for the Sea, José Maria Costa, is one of the speakers at the initiative, which will take place at the Hotel Savoy Palace and which is organized by the European International Shipowners Association of Portugal (EISAP) and the Portuguese representation of the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA).

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  1. Waste of time and money.
    Police in UK always say – picture not clear enough ,so can’t see anything.
    I think I’m has about 14000 of them


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