5,000 foreign workers in Madeira

Cortejo applauded

5,000 foreign workers headlined in JM

The headline of today’s edition of JM reveals that there are almost five thousand foreign workers in the Autonomous Region. From 2021 to 2022, contributions by foreign citizens to Social Security almost doubled. 

This edition also highlights the main procession, or cortejo, of the Flower Festival. Madeirans and many tourists applauded the beauty of the flowers, the colours and the joy of those on the parade. The coordinated sound was also praised – videos below.

The Diaio, also featuring photos of the cotejo reports that “The balance of the first week of the 44th Flower Festival is “very good” according to Regional President Miguel Albuquerque upon arrival at the parade stands, installed on Avenida do Mar yesterday afternoon.”

“The balance in terms of hotel occupancy is very good, the hotels are full, the weather is magnificent and all the activities that will take place throughout this month are having a large influx of public, such as this parade”, he underlined.

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