Firefighting budget €2.5m

Helicopter to cost 1.5m

Helicopter in action firefighting

JM reports that the Operational Plan for Combating Rural Fires (POCIR) for the current year, which runs from tomorrow, June 1st, to November 30th, was presented … Read more

Drugs highlighted again

Rain forecast for eight days

Drugs highlighted again on the fron page of JM

Drugs are again making the news in JM today, on a front page that highlights drug addiction. “Money for drugs because food is offered”. Professionals from different … Read more

Orca interractions increase

More boats attacked by killer whales

Orca interractions increase 9

Press Agency Lusa reports that more than 200 interactions between orcas and boats were recorded in 2022 on the Atlantic coast of Portugal and … Read more

Ferry can do more to help

… when airport closed

Ferry headline in the Diario

The rather ambiguous headline for this Sunday’, May 28, 2023 in your’s Diario reads that the  “Ferry reduces Porto Santo’s seasonality by half”. They also report … Read more

Ryanair: mobility allowance

can now be claimed through CTT

Ryanair plane at Madeira Airport - mobility allowance claims can noe be processed

The Diario reports online that “Ryanair mobility allowance reimbursements, within the scope of the Social Mobility Subsidy (SSM), now meet all the requirements to … Read more

Brawl at Loja do Cidadão

PS-Madeira candidacy for the presidency announced today

Brawl at Loja do Cidadão 42

A foreigner and a Madeiran got involved in a brawl yesterday evening in front of the Citizen’s Store, in the centre of Funchal. … Read more

New dengue vaccine

… effective against all types

mosquito  - with a new dengue vaccine now available

The mainland edition of the Diario reported on Monday that, as of last week, Portugal has had a dengue vaccine that does not require prior … Read more

Demand skyrockets

… during winter

Demand skyrocketed headline in JM today

JM leads with a report that demand for the Region during the last months “skyrocketed”. They detail that movement at Madeira airport increased by 67% in the … Read more

Border force strike called off

Concerns “satisfactorily dealt with”

SEF HQ - their strike has been called off

The strikes by SEF inspectors for Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Madeira airports, where some delays have been experienced, have been called off today, the union of investigators, inspectors and border guards (SIIFF) … Read more

Crime rises

… after pandemic

Crime headline in the Diario

The Diario headlines that crime has risen after the pandemic. The Minister of Internal Administration attributes the increase in crimes to the intensification of inspection, highlights the … Read more

Busiest day at UK airports

… since Covid-19

Busy Manchester airport
Manchester airport

The Telegraph reports that demand surges for trips to sunnier climates as the bank holiday and half-term break make for a heady combination, making today … Read more

New public walk

Clube de Campismo da Madeira

Clube de Campismo da Madeira tee shirt - they are organising a public walk this Saturday

JM reports that the Clube de Campismo da Madeira have announced that, continuing its program of activities for the current year, it will carry out … Read more

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