Sousa Group renews partnership with food bank

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The Diario reports that Grupo Sousa renews its 10-year partnership with the food bank Banco Alimentar da Madeira. Since the beginning of the collaboration, 500 tons of food have been transported

This Wednesday, April 26th, the cooperation protocol between the Sousa Group and the Food Bank of Madeira was renewed. This is a partnership that started in 2014, which allows the transport of paper from Madeira to Lisbon and food from Lisbon to Madeira. 

In the last 10 years of collaboration, 500 tons of food were transported to the Autonomous Region of Madeira. Food items are purchased with the proceeds from the sale of paper collected by the Food Bank. 

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The signing of the cooperation protocol, which lasts for one year, took place this morning at the institution’s headquarters in Madeira, in Santo António. The document was signed between the president of Banco Alimentar da Madeira, Fátima Aveiro, and the administrator and CSO of the Sousa Group, Pedro Amaral Frazão. 

Speaking to journalists, the commander highlighted that the protocol represents “a successful partnership”, guaranteeing that the Sousa Group “is with the Food Bank from the outset to bring food to the most needy people through the institutions”. 

We fundamentally collaborate with our value chain, which is precisely the transport of paper to the mainland, which then reverts to food and the importation of food to the Autonomous Region of Madeira. 
Pedro Amaral Frazão, administrator of Grupo Sousa

Fátima Aveiro, in turn, pointed out the importance of the support of the maritime transport company: “If it weren’t for this partnership with the Sousa Group, we would not be able to receive the food that comes from the Papel Campaign, which is collected in Madeira and which, through the Sousa Group it is transported to Lisbon, where the Portuguese Federation of Food Banks sells the paper and then buys the food, which is then transported from Lisbon to Funchal by the Sousa Group.

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