Resurrection procession well attended

Tourists swell numbers at the cathedral

Resurrection procession well attended 1

Many tourists, attracted not only by the Cathedral but also by the movement and musical animation – the philharmonic band – that preceded the beginning of the celebrations of Resurrection Procession this Easter Sunday, not only helped to add to the atmosphere around the Cathedral but also to swell the procession in the vicinity of the Cathedral.

The Resurrection procession, on Easter Sunday, leaving and returning to the Sé church, reinforces the movement in the centre of Funchal, between faithful and curious people alike. 

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Right after the procession, at 11:00 am, the solemn Easter mass took place, presided over by the bishop of Funchal, D. Nuno Brás.

The Diario strangely observes that although the Cathedral of Funchal is full of faithful and curious people, including many tourists, the absence of official entities and public figures, whose presence is usual in other ceremonies, is also striking. Maybe some prefer to keep a discreet distance between themselves and the Catholic church at the moment.

The Solemn Easter Mass marks the end of the Holy Week ceremonies.

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