Pico do Areeiro: more parking problems

… as police hand out fines

Pico do Areeiro

JM reports that many foreign and Madeiran tourists took advantage of Good Friday for a trip to Pico do Areeiro, “but the trip through the beautiful and rocky mountains ended up being more expensive” for drivers.

With the car parks provided by the Institute of Forestry, IFCN, completely full, tourists and locals parked in the place closest to the peak, even if it was in a prohibited place. The police did not go half-measures and fined practically all offenders.

The newspaper observes that even so, there are those who insist on leaving their car in the middle of the road and going for a walk. In the access zone to the radar and Pico do Areeiro it is almost impossible to circulate. The lack of civility of many has caused major traffic jams.

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