Major works planned

Expressway to be extended

Major works planned headline in JM

The regional secretary for Equipment and Infrastructures today gives an interview in the JM where he reveals that studies are underway for major works in Madeira.

Pedro Fino assumes the “priority” of connecting the three municipalities in the north by expressway, with works planned to expand the expressway to Ponta do Sol. The official also shows openness to creating new support areas in places with greater tourist demand. He also understands that the seaweed business in Porto Santo has to become profitable.

The dominant image, on the other hand, goes to a moment of astronomy, since the observatory for this purpose will be completed this summer. The space will be installed in Casa do Areeiro and includes bedrooms for astronomers. It was built as part of the Funchal Participatory Budget, launched in 2020, and cost around 100,000 euros.

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Alcohol meter

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6 thoughts on “Major works planned”

  1. A small correction: it is not the express way that will be expanded to Ponta do Sol, because it is already in place there. It is the motorway Via Rápida which (they say) they want to extend to Ponta do Sol, according to the original article.
    The (original) article also states that the priority will be to connect the three municipaliuties in the North by expressway. A bit of a strange statement. There are only three municipalities in the North. And two of them have been connected by expressway for many years now (Porto Moniz and São Vicente) So it should say that the remaining two municipalities (São Vicente and Santana) are to be connected by an expressway. However, bear in mind that the JM is the mouthpiece of the government, so we will have to see how much of this is PSD-M propaganda and ho much will actually be done. When are the next elections again?

  2. Instead of throwing another few million at more tunnels why not direct the money to much needed repairs and maintenance of the multiple minor roads that seem to have been abandoned or simply are never repaired even if still in regular use by locals and quite often tourists who prefer to see beautiful Madeiran scenery rather than the inside of tunnels?


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