“Freedom” revolutionises tourism

Sector has benefitted the most over the last 49 years

Freedom revolutionises tourism headline

On the public holiday marking the 49th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution the Diario leads with the headline “Freedom revolutionizes Tourism”. The newspaper observes that the sector has been the one that has most benefited from the 25th of April. One and a half million overnight stays from 49 years ago can now be achieved in a single month. The Diario goes on to detail the main indicators of the year of the Revolution.

The great graphic highlight of today’s edition goes to  “There were many women to stand up to”. Researcher Jéssica Olim, from Machico, tells how “women had a very important role in the movements that were evident in the first years after the 25th of April”. The study author reveals how some were threatened and persecuted. 

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