Espada prices up more than 40%

Higher demand and smaller catches

espada prices up

In just one year, the price of black scabbardfish increased by 43.13%. Merchants at Mercado dos Lavradores acknowledge to the JM that the increase punishes the final consumer, while the Regional Government understands that the increase translates into high demand and a reduction in the quantity caught. The rise in espada prices is also seen in other products, such as limpets, which already cost 15 euros per kilo.

This is the news that makes today’s headline in JM, which of course acknowledges the 49th anniversay of Dia da Liberdade. JM observes that the Carnation Revolution brought freedom to disagree, and inside the paper the parties with seats in the Madeiran Parliament reflect on the conquests and threats to the 25th of April. 

The newspaper also reports that SANAS has been forced to hire 20 foreign swimmers. The Emergency Rescue service was called out to for rescue at Sardinha Peir yesterday, with a lifeboat from the Santa Cruz Lifesaving Station was activated to rescue a citizen on the sidewalk of Cais do Sardinha. The female, 41 years old, was a victim of a fall with a suspected fracture of the lower limb.

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