Cyclist ventures onto the Rapida!

Offence causes surprise among drivers

Cyclist using the Rapida

JM reported online yesterday that a cyclist had ‘adventured’ onto the Rapida, in the direction from Caniço towards Funchal, in the section right after Cancela.

The unusual surprised the drivers who circulated on this road since this constitutes an offence.

The moment was photographed and later shared on social media, where several Internet users highlighted the danger of the cyclist’s act.

It was not known whether the police were called to intervene.

Comments from locals in the newspaper seem to express frustration with cyclists, who, having taken over the roads, are now taking over the expressway. Having said that you could see the attraction – a steady downhill run like that could shave hours off the journey compared to using the alternative old roads

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9 thoughts on “Cyclist ventures onto the Rapida!”

  1. Went for a drive on Sunday to ponta do sol area and there was one of these idiots in one of the long tunnels without even lights on the bike, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I hooted him and got back a load of abuse, thick as s**t.

    • If as you say, there are Covid vaccine death and injuries reports all over the news why are you asking for an article in what is essentially a blog for those of us who delight in Madeira? I would like to ask, just so I have it clear, do you think the vaccine saved lives? Would the death rate have been greater or less without the vaccine? Simple one word answers will do.

    • …. Its a shame you dont realise Mick that You are Suffering from classic Confirmation Bias ,, Search for the Answers You want Online, and you will surely find all the Answers You Need ,, But miss all the Others !!! …

    • Why do you tell me to read an Australian newspaper article, these are two of the comments from that report,
      “The cause? A rare reaction to the AstraZeneca COVID jab.”
      “The numbers involved are in the hundreds, possibly thousands.”
      Why not quote a scientific journal? Or can’t you find one that supports your opinions? Perhaps even answer the last two questions I asked. “Do you think the vaccine saved lives? Would the death rate have been greater or less without the vaccine? Simple one word answers will do.


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