4 smaller ships fill port

Port of Funchal welcomes four ships today

this Good Friday, the port of Funchal is filled with four smaller ships, they are the 'Sea Cloud Spirit', 'Le Dumont D´Urville', the 'Seven Seas Splendor' and the sailboat 'Dar Mlodziezy'.

Following up from the ship migration that is taking place at the moment, JM reports that this Good Friday, the port of Funchal is filled with four smaller ships, they are the ‘Sea Cloud Spirit’, ‘Le Dumont D´Urville’, the ‘Seven Seas Splendor’ and the sailboat ‘Dar Mlodziezy’.

The ‘Le Dumont D´Urville’ arrived from Fuerteventura, with 149 passengers and 116 crew. She makes a 32-hour stopover in Funchal, leaving tomorrow at 2 pm for La Palma.

The ‘Sea Cloud Spirit’ came from La Palma, with 119 passengers and 81 crew. She will stay in Madeira for 35 hours and leave tomorrow at 6 pm for the island of Lanzarote.

The transatlantic ‘Seven Seas Splendor’, which arrived yesterday at the beginning of the afternoon in Madeira, coming from Kings Wharf, Bermuda, leaves today from the port of Funchal, at 18:00h, bound for Lisbon, the last stopover of the journey that started on March 21st in Miami. On board, there are 655 passengers and 543 crew members.

The sailboat Gdynia Maritime University from Poland arrived yesterday, at the end of the afternoon, from Antwerp, with 144 crew members. She leaves Madeira next Sunday, at 3 pm, returning to Antwerp, after a 92-hour stopover in Madeira.

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4 smaller ships fill port 1

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