Young man rescued in Calheta

JM reports that the crew of the Estação Salva-vidas in Funchal rescued, yesterday, a 24-year-old man who was in difficulty in the water, next to the beach of Fajã do Mar, in the parish of Calheta.

According to information from the National Maritime Authority, the rescue took place following an alert received by the Funchal Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Subcentre (MRSC Funchal), which indicated that a person was in difficulty at sea due to the strong swell that made you feel the place. Later, the crew of the Funchal Lifeguard Station and members of the Funchal Maritime Police Local Command were activated.

Upon arrival at the scene, the crew of the Lifesaving Station located the victim, a 24-year-old young man, who was isolated in a rocky area. The victim, who had several abrasions on his body, was then rescued to the Calheta marina, where members of the Calheta Volunteer Firefighters were waiting, who helped and transported the young man to a hospital.

The Funchal Maritime Police Local Command took care of the occurrence.

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