Temperatures to rise

Good weekend ahead

Higher UV as temperature rises
Higher UV levels forecast

The Diario reports that, according to the forecast of the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA the sky will generally be slightly cloudy from mid-morning onwards.

At the same time, the Institute points to a small rise in the maximum temperature on the South Coast of Madeira, with the temperature reaching a very pleasant 26° in the middle of winter. The wind, in turn, comes to refresh slightly, taking into account that it should blowweak to moderate (10 to 30 km/h).

Since the maximum temperature will rise, the IPMA alert is also high for the risk of exposure to ultraviolet rays, both in Madeira (6) and Porto Santo (6). It is recommended to use sunglasses with UV filter, hat, t-shirt and sunscreen.

Temperatures to rise 1

The sea water temperature will be around 19/20º. As for the sea, on the South Coast the waves are expected to rise to 2 metres, while on the North Coast they will range between 2 and 3 metres.

You can check the weather status of different locations in Madeira, in real time, by clicking here.

The BBC forecast, which looks promising, is below:

Temperatures to rise 3

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