President: “wait and see”

… about housing proposals

President of the Republic with the President of the Autonomous Region: wait and see
The two presidents together on the previous visit

Upon arrival in Madeira, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, said that it is necessary to “wait and see” whether the concerns that Madeira expressed about the Mais Habitação package will be met by the Government and the Assembly of the Republic.

“All of this is being considered, let’s wait and see and what is the overall picture, not least because there are other proposals” that have emerged for discussion, he said, alluding to the housing package presented by the PSD (Social Democrats), which the PS (Socialists) made possible at the Assembly of Republic and which has now gone down to the special commission to be an “object of conversation” between the two major parties

Marcelo also commented on the letter that the President of the Regional Government sent to PrimeMinister António Costa, which he had also sent to him.

President: "wait and see" 1

In that letter, Miguel Albuquerque warns the Prime Minister about three points in relation to which Madeira differs from the position of the Government of the Republic, namely, on issues of local accommodation, golden visas and forced lease (that’s pretty much everything in the Mais Habitação package as far as I can see?).

Without commenting on the arguments presented – tourist specialities in the Region and housing – Marcelo asked to wait to see what will come out of the discussion between the two main political parties.

On the other hand, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa confirmed that on this visit he will not hear from the parties about the scheduling of this year’s regional legislative elections, nor will he visit the controversial Navy ship Mondego.

Walkabout in the Old Town

The Diario reports that President of the Republic arrived in Madeira at the end of yesterday afternoon, for a 24-hour visit. After dinner with the President of the Regional Government, at Quinta Vigia, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa strolled through Funchal, towards the Old Town.

As he walked along part of Avenida do Mar and the Almirante Reis garden, Marcelo and his entourage passed almost unnoticed. Upon reaching the vicinity of the bars in the Old Town, he was ‘assaulted’ by many locals and some tourists for the traditional ‘selfies’.

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