Police raid Old Town

Unlicensed establishments closed

Police raid Old Town

JM reports that during the early hours of this Saturday, the Public Security Police (PSP) and an inspection team from Funchal City Council carried out a joint operation in the Old Town and Rua das Fontes, which effectively closed some establishments that promoted nightlife without licensing for such.

All venues that did not have a license to operate a dance floor, with or without a DJ, were forced to put an end to their operation, being authorized only to sell drinks.

Following the inspection operation, several bars ended up without customers, and some businessmen complained about the “lack of behaviour” by PSP agents and inspectors from the Funchal municipality.

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Police raid Old Town 1

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2 thoughts on “Police raid Old Town”

  1. In all fairness they are unlicensed so should not be open however mass tourism has its restrictions the good old days have certainly gone when you would visit your maderian buddy’s bar that would stay open after hours with a few quite punters to serve you drinks and nuts.

    • Agreed Mick, but there have been a lot of complaints from all the AL premises in the Old Town about noise continuing until the early hours – and later


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