NRP Mondego: another setback

Alleged malfunction delays departure to Selvagens

NRP Mondego in port last night

The Portuguese Navy ship NRP Mondego, which was scheduled to depart for the Selvagens Islands at the end of today, was still in Funchal around 10:00 pm and finally set sail shortly after this time – later than initially envisaged.

A new fault may have been behind the delay, according to RTP Madeira (video), noting that “intense smoke” was coming out of the patrol vessel, which aroused the curiosity of those passing through the port of the Madeiran capital.

The Diario tried to obtain more information regarding the status of the NRP Mondego from the command of the Maritime Zone of Madeira, with Commander Sousa Luís, spokesman for the Navy, explaining that the delay was not due to a malfunction. The “setback” and the “puff” wouldn’t even be “newsworthy” if it weren’t for the recent controversy involving the ship and its crew. He supported. Navy spokesperson assures the newspaper that the “setback” had nothing to do with a breakdown

On the 11th of March, the NRP Mondego failed to accompany a Russian vessel north of Porto Santo, after 13 soldiers refused to board, citing security reasons.

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NRP Mondego: another setback 1

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