Monte trial cast assembles

Navy focuses on Madeira mutiny

Monte trial headline in JM

JM reports that there are almost three dozen people involved in the high-profile Monte tree-fall process, which comes before the courts shortly. The trial already has two sessions scheduled for the first day, April 12. In addition to the plaintiffs, the cast includes defendants, assistants, and injured parties.

The front page also highlights a controversial subject. “Madeira opens war in the Navy”. Admiral Gouveia e Melo is coming to Funchal today to learn details of the rebellion that took place on Saturday, in Madeira, aboard the Portuguese warship. The case is having national repercussions at the highest level. Soldiers risk suspension and jail.

After confirmation from the Navy that the soldiers from the previous garrison of the Mondego patrol boat, the 13 operatives who refused to carry out a mission last Saturday, will be replaced, they still remain in the Port of Funchal. They were expected to be replaced yesterday, but this operation has apparently not yet been carried out. However, JM believes it is likely that this will happen before the arrival of Admiral Gouveia e Melo.

The Commander of the NRP Mondego left for a period, but returned to the ship quickly yesterday afternoon. According to JM, the commander was in the captaincy to be heard about the events of last Saturday.

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