Government denies private sector pressure

“Navy lets Russian ship escape”

Private sector headline in the Diario

Private sector business success is not due to “bonuses” or “political power”. This is the headline of this Wednesday’s Diario. Regional President Miguel Albuquerque has delivered the answers to the 151 questions from the PS and PCP to the Commission of Inquiry yesterday. Albuquerque praises the “hard work” of successful private sector groups in the Region, denies pressure from the private sector and contextualizes the necessary work.

“Navy lets Russian ship escape”

“Navy lets controversial Russian ship escape” is the headline accompanying the main photo. The Russian scientific vessel was suspected of preparing mineral exploration in Antarctica and had already been followed in January in national waters. Military Judiciary Police is investigating a case of insubordination on the ‘NRP Mondego’ which, last Saturday, did not leave port.

One dead and four injured in Câmara de Lobos crash

A serious accident occurred, around 8:00 am this Wednesday morning, on the Via Rapida, in Ponte dos Frades, causing one death and four injuries, according to information from the Câmara de Lobos Volunteer Firefighters.

In addition to this corporation, in the rescue operations, which are still ongoing, the Funchal Sapadores Firefighters, Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters and EMIR are also involved.

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