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JM reports on a spat that is brewing among politicians, with an accusation from the ruling coalition PSD-Madeira deputies who are demanding the updating of the Declaration of Interests delivered by their fellow deputy and leader of the socialist party PS-M. 

“Sérgio Gonçalves participated, directly and indirectly, in the management and administration of more than a dozen companies”, whose activities are part of the main object of the ongoing investigation. There is desperate attempt to skew the conclusions of this commission”, attacks the social democrats. reports that this situation has developed following the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) taking place in the Assembly of Madeira, which investigates the denunciations of Sérgio Marques about invented works in the Region. Sérgio Gonçalves underlines that, like all the politicians and deputies that make up the said CPI, he delivered a declaration of the non-existence of conflicts of interest, reinforcing that he is in full compliance with the law.

The president of PS Madeira and PS deputy in the Madeira Assembly, Sérgio Gonçalves, says that he will deliver a register of interests to the regional parliament and challenges the other deputies to do so. The socialist says that the delivery of this register is not practical in the Region.

“In view of the PSD’s accusations, I will deliver a register of interests to the Regional Assembly. I will do so because I advocate real scrutiny of political life. And I take this opportunity to launch the challenge to all deputies to do the same, similar to what happens on the mainland, but which is not a practice in Madeira. This is the only way we can make political life in Madeira more transparent”, said Sérgio Gonçalves.

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Other news…

The front page highlights that Teatro Baltazar Dias gains new life. Refurbishment works include interventions on ceilings and frescoes in the main hall.

JM also reports that Iberia offers 14,400 seats for Madeira this summer. Eduardo Jesus met with those responsible for the airline at the Berlin Tourism Fair.

The sexual abuse scandal continues with the headline “Victims of priests without compensation”. The Diocese of Funchal says it has no duty to compensate victims of sexual abuse, as it understands that the “crimes committed are the responsibility of the criminals”.

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