AL tax “disgusts” Albuquerque

… and the end of Golden Visas “absurd”

AL sign

“Imposing the new extraordinary tax on Local Accommodation (AL) is an idea that disgusts us and that we do not accept applying here in Madeira. We will do everything possible not to be enforced.” Position signed this morning by the President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque who recalls the number of overnight stays in LA in the Region in 2022 – 1,090,000 overnight stays – to argue that investors in AL should be supported and not penalized.

“The AL in the Region is running in a sensational way. And it cannot be penalized or serve as a scapegoat for State problems in the two main cities of the country, Lisbon and Porto”, said the President of the Regional Government, who was speaking on the sidelines of the visit to the company Dupliconta-Sociedade de Contabilidade, Consultoria e Festão, located on Caminho do Pilar.

This is one of several topics relating to the measures of the Mais Habitação Program that the President of the Regional Government considers to be on the agenda in the 24-hour visit of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of the Republic, with whom he will have dinner tonight. The President of the Republic arrives, this afternoon, in the Region to participate tomorrow, in Funchal, in the closing session of the XII Congress of Portuguese Judges, and in the inauguration of SEDES Madeira – as reported here previously.

The head of the Madeiran Government has already sent letters to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Prime Minister António Costa explaining that the region rejects the mechanism of forced leasing of vacant houses, the conditioning of the activity of local accommodation services and the end of the program of Authorizations of Residency for Investment Activity (ARI), commonly referred to as ‘gold’ visas.

Ending golden visas is “absurd”

Albuquerque considered, moreover, that it is “absurd” to put an end to Golden Visas. “The suspension of these is a shot in the foot in Portugal. Because the country has a pool of investors, especially for high-income residents, who have a very important effect on the economy. (…) All of this affects mainly the municipalities that need rehabilitation, investment, job creation and I think that this idea of ​​ending the Golden Visas is a counterproductive idea”, maintained the head of the Madeiran executive.

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  1. I thought Russians and Chinese are now « our » enemies.
    Seems correct to me that we don’t allow them to carry on laundering their dirty money through Portugal.
    Perhaps Alberqueque is now past his due date.

  2. Many Russians and Chinese leave their countries and bring their money here because they hate their regimes , and the majority of golden visas ( only 11,000 been given since the beginning) are British Canadian USA etc. on last nights news it featured some of the 63,000 empty apartments that the government own, ex military etc, now tell me the problem,


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