Sharp drop in public works

Calls to restore confidence in the Church

Sharp drop in public works 1

The Diario headlines an accentuated break in public works contracts. January 2023 was the worst start of the year for the current Regional Government, with an expenditure of 17.6 million. It is a sign of the slowdown in the contracting of large public works.

Sharp drop in public works 3

Other featured topics include calls to restore confidence in the Church. Five Madeiran priests interviewed by the newspaper are ashamed of the sexual crimes of some priests in Portugal, but ask that there is no temptation to involve everyone when the fault lies with very specific people. The confession format does not meet consensus.

Yellow warning

Madeira and Porto Santo have been placed under a yellow warning by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) due to a forecast of maritime unrest. The warning is in effect from midnight tonight until noon tomorrow.

The Captaincy of the port of Funchal has issued their usual warning to shipowners, with waves reaching 4 metres.

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