Seaweed business growing

Snow closes roads

seaweed headline in JM

JM headlines that the electrical company from Madeira (EEM) has given new impetus to the investment made in Porto Santo. The seaweed business is repositioned, now clearly in the area of ​​cosmetics and human and animal nutrition. 

The Electricity Company is even hiring specialized seaweed technicians in the national market.

Snow closes roads

The photographic highlight goes to the roads closed by snow yesterday. This winter’s first white cloak led to immediate security measures taken as a precaution by the Regional Directorate of Roads due to the occurrence of snow above 1200 metres. – video below.

The President of the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN), Manuel Filipe, informed local media outlets that three roads had been closed due to heavy snowfall. The roads affected are the section that connects Poiso to Pico do Areeiro, as well as the section of road between Pico das Pedras and Achada dos Teixeira and between Eira do Serrado and Areeiro.

The forecast for today predicts showers, more frequent in the highlands and on the northern slopes of the island of Madeira, where there may be snow at the highest points until early morning.

Seaweed business growing 1

Continente encourages local suppliers

As previously reported here supermarket chain Continente wants more regional agricultural products. The group received several farmers yesterday and announced that it is looking for local partners in the area of ​​fresh produce. Seaweed is not mentioned!

New tunnel

The newspaper reports that technicians are asking for more information about the proposed new tunnel in the heart of Funchal. Architects and engineers admit the investment potential in the centre of the city, but demand more information.

Cabo Verde partnership

This afternoon, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Institute for Business Support and Promotion (Pró-Empresa – Cabo Verde Digital) and Startup Madeira, with a view to boosting entrepreneurial businesses and uniting the two archipelagos in terms of digitization, aiming, in addition, to add synergies between the entities responsible for boosting entrepreneurship and innovation in both territories.

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