Praia Formosa plans criticised

Area should be reserved as “green space”

The Left Bloc at Praia Formosa

JM reports that the municipal group of the Bloco de Esquerda Madeira (Left Bloc), in the Municipal Assembly of Funchal, was, yesterday morning, in Praia Formosa to express its discordant position regarding the construction of apartments in that area which, they stress, was “reserved” for green spaces.

The spokesperson for this initiative, Egídio Fernandes, BE-M municipal deputy, began by mentioning that.

“The Bloco de Esquerda, this morning, travelled here to Praia Formosa to address the situation of what is preparing to happen in the city of Funchal, specifically in Praia Formosa”, he noted.

“This whole area is a privileged area of ​​the city of Funchal in which it could be a kind of city ventricle and that reserved for this area, as initially foreseen in the PDM, which is still in force, an area of ​​green spaces, spaces of leisure, spaces for the family, spaces for sport, for young and old alike”, he corroborated.

However, he made it known, “what happens is that preparations are being made for the suspension of the PDM to carry out a detailed plan for this area of ​​Praia Formosa”.

In this case, “for the construction of apartments. There is talk of a few hundred apartments, which will de-characterize this entire area and will not serve the purpose that this area should contemplate for the city of Funchal and for the people of Funchal and all those who visit us”.

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11 thoughts on “Praia Formosa plans criticised”

  1. Agreed! The hinterland of the area looks a bit rugged but that´s the charm for many who come here to enjoy the seafront for a walk , coffee or restaurant.
    More concrete in and around Funchal ? The city and the island have already changed so much that longtime visitors are looking for other loactions.

    • You are so right Peter. The beauty of Madeira for us visitors is indeed the ruggedness, the beautiful parks, the wonderful OLD buildings. It was somewhat disheartening in December to see the building work being carried out, the mass of modern apartments being erected.
      Here in the U.K. we have fought (and lost) to prevent the building of factories, houses etc going onto our precious greenbelt land. We are becoming more and more a concrete jungle, something we don’t want to see when holidaying in Madeira. We are returning this year but really hope we don’t see ever more modern buildings going up!!

  2. I’m with the Left Block on this. It’s a disgrace that an undeveloped space like Praia Formosa, already in a built-up area, isn’t preserved for leisure purposes. Is there any move by residents and friends of Praia Formosa to fight this development?
    We are not residents on the island but visit several times every year, and have done for many years. We’d be happy to support any campaign to get this dreadful initiative dropped.

  3. What ever happened to leaving beach areas available to the local residents? How much of that coast line is now closed off by all the hotels and restaurants? Bad enough that there was no parking for so long because of a political stubborness but now another design that rules out the average person? Shameful.

  4. No doubt the politicians who make the planning consents have already been promised keys to several apartments in return for bowing to commercial property developers. And who pays for the inevitable additional utility services, sewage treatment etc.? No doubt the population of Funchal will find their bills increasing to cover the costs. This area should be made into a public open space, Funchal should not be turned into another Miami or Dubai concrete jungle.

      • Not being a Portuguese speaker, I’ve not read any of the pamphlets you recommend but have read up on Bloco Esquerda. A merger of the Marxist People’s Democratic Union, Trotskyist Revolutionary Socialist Party, and the democratic socialist Politics XXI, It seems they have 2 seats out of 57 in the Azores and 0 seats out of 47 in Madeira. Not really a majority view, one of the reasons I had made the point of wishing for Madeiran individuals, not Political Parties to comment.


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