Coalition still important

Banif victims appeal to Albuquerque

Coalition still important - headline in JM

In an apparent contradiction to yesterday’s front page, JM headlines this morning that the coalition currently ruling Madeira remains important. Projecting the results of the poll released yesterday, the 10% advantage of the PSD-CDS coalition does not guarantee a number of mandates (23) greater than that of the entire opposition (24). Without a coalition, the PS would have one more mandate (15). In the reactions,

The newspaper reports that Albuquerque, leader of the PSD and Rui Barreto, CDS leader, therefore value the acceptance of the political alliance. Socialist Sérgio Gonçalves underlines the end of the absolute majority, while minority parties note the position – JPP believes it is worth more and Chega and IL appreciate the positive signs.

The photographic highlight naturally goes to goes to the tragedy that unfolded yesterday, with two earthquakes measuring 7.8 and 7.6 on the Richter scale causing more than 3,000 deaths and thousands of injuries in Turkey and Syria.

Banif victims appeal to Albuquerque

The Association of Banif Victims (ALBOA) welcomes the recent words of Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, in order to quickly find a solution for those financially injured by the collapse of local bank Banif. Following these words, ALBOA appeals to the President of the Regional Government of Madeira to exert his influence with the Prime Minister, António Costa, in order to speed up the ongoing process and urgently resolve the problem, in order to thus lessen the suffering of thousands of people, suffering that has been going on for more than seven years.

Coalition still important 1

Since the end of last year, meetings of a Working Group have begun at the Ministry of Finance, with representatives of the various entities involved. However, this Working Group was only constituted seven years after the Banif resolution and continues its work at such a slow pace that it is not consistent with the urgency of solving the victims of Banif, which presents truly dramatic human situations.

One of ALBOA’s wishes is for the Prime Minister to publicly sign a commitment protocol, similar to what also happened precisely in the BES case.

It should be remembered that, unlike BES, Banif was, at the time of the resolution, a bank in which the State held the majority of the capital and that the injured parties in question were, in their overwhelming majority, fraudulently convinced to transform their deposits into order, often with savings of a lifetime, in subordinated obligations that later remained in the “bad bank”.

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  1. Well years of war and the destruction of so many buildings left them not only unstable but also falling down and lead to this tragedy . In certain way the Turkish and Syrian government have blood in their hands years of war and years of building buildings not adequate to handle a seismic activity lead to this tragedy to happen .


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