TAP strike called off

… “agreement but still a lot of dissatisfaction”

TAP - where the strike has been called off

Reuters report that cabin crew at Portugal’s national carrier TAP have called off a strike that would have forced the cancellation of 1,316 flights between Jan. 25-31 after reaching an agreement with the airline, the SNPVAC union said on Monday. The strike would have affected 160,000 passengers and allegedly cost the company €48 million. It follows a shorter strike on Dec. 8-9, which led to the cancellation of 360 flights, which had no impact at all in Madeira due to the requirement for the airline to operate minimum services.

“There was an agreement but there is still a lot of dissatisfaction,” union president Ricardo Penarroias told reporters after a general assembly. The union had called the seven-day walkout over higher salaries and better working conditions.

Penarroias said TAP met 12 and a half of the union’s 14 demands. According to him, the airline failed to improve job contracts he described as “precarious” and did not add an additional crew member on long-haul flights. “Problems did not disappear just because there was an agreement … at the slightest slip we will return to the fight”, Penarroias said. TAP did not immediately react to the union’s decision to call off the strike.

Speaking about the stroke earlier in the week, Regional President Miguel Albuquerque considers that it would be important to avoid the stoppage, not least because it will cost “60 million euros to taxpayers” (different to the Reuters figure?) but thanks to the fact that Madeira has a chance opting for other private companies operating at Madeira Airport.

“I keep saying that, at the moment, it’s good that we have the operation to Madeira mainly guaranteed by private companies because otherwise we would have been well arranged”

In this regard, he also mentioned that he had made a reservation with TAP to travel on Wednesday and that he had already changed the trip to another private company that operates in the Region due to the prior notice of the strike.

“I think that in this situation, where the State continues to invest money in the company, it is a very unpopular strike and I think it lowers the value of the company (…) So, this seems like a joke, but a joke that costs the country a lot of money”, reinforced the official, considering that the amounts injected into the Portuguese flag airline should, on the other hand, be applied in areas such as health and education.

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