Sick and tired of Harry

“It’s all about the money”

Prince Harry with his father

There must be other people who are sick to death of the endless news coverage about Prince Harry and feel that there important matters that should be given prominence in the UK media.

MyLondon reported recently that ITV viewers were switching off, with one commenting: “I am sick to the back teeth of the news being full of #princeharry now. It’s getting ridiculous. The NHS is falling apart, people can’t pay their bills due to the cost of living, and the country is in a mess.”

Another said: “Anyone else sick of the media circus about #HarryandMegan … Especially on channels like #GMB … This isn’t news, it’s boring, tedious and pointless. Do people actually care about any of this? Sad lives.”

A third complained: “This is getting sooooo boring now. The country is on its knees, that’s what we need to be discussing.”

The Financial Times takes the opinion :

When Harry’s tell-all memoir was leaked early via a Spanish retailer this , the California-based royal faced a speedy back home in Britain. In a snarky reference to the at times candid book’s title, Spare, the pro-establishment Daily Mail on Friday carried the front page headline “Oh Spare Us”. The rightwing Daily Express said he had “Sold [His] Soul” while the staunchly royalist Sun quoted former saying the prince had “betrayed his colleagues” by revealing the number of Taliban fighters he claimed to have killed. The welter of titillating revelations risks tarnishing the British monarchy’s reputation abroad, according to leading historians, royal biographers, public relations and pollsters.
Financial Times
Sick and tired of Harry 1

Sky News Australia, with their usual edgy approach, takes the view ‘It’s all about the money’ for Harry and Meghan – captioning the coverage as “The Ginger and the Whinger Media Tour Again”.

Matt, in The Telegraph came up with an alternative memoir:

23 thoughts on “Sick and tired of Harry”

  1. On one hand they say they want their privacy but at the same time keep appearing on tv whingeing about everything. I get the impression that once Meghan got the ring on her finger she thought she could laud it over everyone which is not how the royals behave.

    I wish they would just shut up and disappear back to California.

    • When exactly did they say they want privacy Maurice ? I keep seeing this comment in the press ad nauseam and in comments sections but they NEVER actually said it. You seem to know that they did say they wanted privacy, perhaps you could provide a link to a quote of them saying it. It should be easy to find, it’s not like their statements don’t get reported, is it ?

      • Go and live next door to them Steve, then ask them to give us all a break, this is beyond a joke, page after page of he said,I said,she said, fighting like ferrol cats, just look at his face expressions to see,that he is a very angry youngman, who now really does need protection ( probably from nearest and dearest)

      • In the interview with Oprah: “Meghan opened up about the invasions of privacy she experienced after dating, and then marrying, Prince Harry. The couple eventually took legal action against these breaches, ultimately winning a privacy case against the The Mail on Sunday, the publication that published a letter she wrote to her father, Thomas Markle, in 2021.

        While speaking to Meghan, Oprah posed a question many have asked in response to Meghan and Harry’s requests for privacy: While dating a royal, shouldn’t there be an expectation that you’re going to lose a certain degree of privacy? In the clip below, Meghan responded: “I think everyone has a basic right to privacy. Basic. We’re not talking about anything that anybody else wouldn’t expect.””

        What they are – or at least Meghan is – denying is that they left the Royal family and moved away because they wanted their privacy. A very clever change and subtle way to rewrite the narrative in your favour.

        Just like her claims that she grew up “as an only child” and “would have loved to have had siblings”, when in fact she had two half-sisters.

  2. Even where this news this is becoming ridicules . It is a great diversion after Brexit but I relay did prefer that the greased piglet publish is biography that will be 100 times more interesting and better than Harry .

  3. Couldn’t agree more! How much money are they making out of this with all the staged “exclusive” interviews and gradual release of the next soundbite.

  4. Well after the complete disgrace of Tory Tart and the Royal Family the UK TV stations should replace the boring TV soaps and replace them for this lot was a new TV soap involving the Tory Tart and Royal Family will be more interesting story lines and diversion . And the most important protagonist will be the greased piglet and the undertaker and Lisa Trash and Harry plus Meghan.

    • … Isabel ,, What do these phrases “Greased Piglet” and “Tory Tart” that you seem so obsessed with using over and over again mean ,, I’ve never heard or seen them before ???? …

      • Russel Keeley
        What is your problem ? And for your information I didn’t use them over and over again or even obsessed. I have the right to have a opinion and make a comment like you or any other person around where . And stop pretending begin naive saying that never did came across with the name greased piglet when everyone around were knows very well that is Boris and the rest of the Tory Party that should be called Tart that destroyed the country . Vai dar uma curva

  5. I love the way Harry said: “I love my father, I love my brother and I love my family. I always do. Nothing of what I have done in this book or otherwise has ever been of any intention to harm them or hurt them.”

    It was interesting that, in talking about Harry’s statement that he killed 25 Taliban, one senior military person, I forget his name and rank, said Harry was showing classic signs of PTSD. He clearly does have mental health problems, unsurprising seeing as to what he has gone through with the death of his Mother and the tabloid coverage and conspiracy theories, as well as his time in Afghanistan.

    It would appear that Meghan is playing on this and using it to her/their advantage. He was aware of how his Mother was tricked into giving her interview, yet he has fallen into exactly the same trap.

    Totally agree with the article and Maurice. For Harry’s sake as well as ours, this nonsense should stop, now.

  6. You have to be a very arrogant and truly stupid person not to realise that stating you killed 25 Muslims is not going to put your life and your families lives at significant risk. Especially when everyone knows what you look like and the area in which you reside.
    “Stupid is as stupid does”


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